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'New' (To me) Old Cookbooks

I just had to share this photo of these cookbooks which arrived in the mail today!! I loveeee cookbooks, especially old ones! To be honest, I am not sure whether they would classify as 'Vintage' as they were not published many (> 50 or more?) years ago... Nonetheless they are old enough that they are not in print anymore! I can't wait to pour through all of them. I'd happily go through them in one sitting but I know that won't be possible with everything going on at home! However, I have already done a quick sneak peak through some of the books and have laid my eyes on a few recipes I want to try! Old recipes are the best as the ingredients are always basic and uncomplicated, the methods are explained in simple easy-to-follow steps (almost dot-point), and most importantly, never fail to give great results! I have also found that they also tend to be catered for conservative amounts which is good for portion control. I can't wait to be inspired by what I find in these books! =D

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